Friday, June 8, 2007

On The Wings Of A Whisper

On the wings of a whisper
I fly silently through the night
My mind filters through the days obstacles
As I sift about the memories of my life
My dreams become illusions, floating in the sky
A raindrop falls to the earth, as I go drifting by
I merge into the faintest cloud of cosmic dust
A tiny speck of weightless gold forms on my chest
I then search for the horizon to find my way back
And once again, I feel the circular draft
On the wings of a whisper

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Exploit The Frail

Lift me up and pour me another cup
Drain my blood and dry me up
Leave me here to believe in fear
Lie to my face to my disgrace
Speak in verses and proclaim that truth
Condone the nonbelievers and beg from the followers
Keep the churches powerful to control the lands
Make me scared so I come back again
Tell the people they're lost and need guidance
Exploit the frail and live in ignorance

Friday, June 1, 2007

Unfinished Sentences

Picture perfect pictures
Unfinished sentences
Time frozen on a single page
Random thoughts that never end
Impress me with your impressions
Show me the beauty of illusions
Capture the essence of life
Solitary emotions from within
Decadence captured in a moment
Half circles and half lines
The middle of nowhere
Is the beginning of time

Thursday, May 31, 2007

A Thousand Words

A thousand words, none the same
Each one describes why I'm insane
Each one is about you
Everything you do
Each time I close my eyes, visions of you appear
Every time I think of you, I have no fear
Now that I'm in love, I can't think of anything better
Than being with you, from now until forever
You are my heart, without you I would die
All I can do is sit here and cry
Thinking of you makes me wish you were here
So I could hold you close and whisper in your ear
Everything I need, you have
Everything I look for, is in you
Now that you're in my life
There's nothing anyone can do
To change my love for you
Ever since I met you, I wanted you to stay forever
Now that that's coming true, I hope we stay together
Our love is the strongest thing ever
Nothing else matters as long as we're together
I love you,
Always and forever